Interior Design

Creating a high quality, safe and developmentally appropriate child care facility requires expert consultation and in-depth analysis of interior space, structure and cost. Every detail of the design and planning, from the selection of furnishings to wall and tile colors, has an enduring effect on the development of children. Early Childhood Environments has the experience and resources to simplify this complicated process.

ECE provides the following Interior Facility Design services:

  • Analysis of Safety Requirements
  • Interior Space Planning
  • Cost Estimating and Financial Projections
  • Preparation of construction drawings and specifications for Non-Load Baring interior construction
  • Materials, finishes, furnishings, and fixture specifications, and developmentally appropriate equipment recommendations
  • Collaboration with Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers – Project management and construction site supervision

We understand the importance of having the design of the entire environment, including the building, equipment and outdoors, assist and support, rather than impede, both children’s development and learning and staff’s ability to meet children’s needs.